Sunday, August 24, 2014

Double Weekly Workouts August 10-24

Once again life got busy over the past two weeks. We've been out of town and just busy in general. I've done pretty well with sticking to marathon training even with everything that's been going on. The only run that didn't feel good in the past two weeks was my 3 miler. My legs felt awful, probably because I had sat in the car for 2 hours prior to running. Here's how my workouts went down for the past two weeks:

August 11
4.53 miles in 45 minutes, Legs, Chest and Abs, lots of stretching

August 13
4.43 miles in 45 minutes

August 14
Rest Day

August 16
3 miles in 29:34

August 17
Rest Day

August 20
4.55 miles in 45 minutes

August 21
4.31 miles 45 minutes

August 23
9 miles in 1:32:22

August 24
Full body lifting workout

I felt really safe running with my husband and brother-in-law last weekend :)

We went to a wedding at Camden Yards which is where the Baltimore Orioles play. Two of our childhood friends got married. It was so good to catch up with everyone and the wedding was a ton of fun!

It poured rain during our 9 mile run. We saw so many other 
runners out, which was awesome. You can tell people are 
training for big fall races that are coming up. 

Some days I am so focused on the Goofy Challenge that I forget that I have two half marathons this fall (Baltimore in October and Wine & Dine in November). I am excited about each of these races. Baltimore will complete my MD Double, which was one of my 2014 goals. I'm still deciding whether I am going to try and PR at Baltimore or not. Wine & Dine will be my second RunDisney race and I'm sure it will not disappoint!

     54 days until Baltimore Half
     75 days until Wine & Dine
     138 days until day 1 of Goofy Challenge
     180 days until day 1 of Glass Slipper Challenge

Week 7 and 8 of Goofy training complete, 20 weeks to go!
Goofy Challenge Training Mileage to date: 103.84 miles

That's all for now!


  1. 75 days until Wine & Dine!! I am SO excited!!

    I love running in the rain, but it is even better seeing other runners out there when it's raining as well! We are a dedicated kind of people :0)

    Great job getting in all those workouts!

    1. I can't wait for Wine & Dine either!! I totally agree with the dedicated kind of people statement :)