About Me

My name is Gabby, a.k.a. The Running Goober. I started this blog in August 2013 to track my training as I transitioned from a mid-distance (5K) runner to a half-marathoner.

I still use it to track my training and to hold me accountable. Along the way I mix in recipes, race recaps, workouts, product reviews and some other random topics.

Cameron (my husband) and I

 Now for some fun facts about me:
  • I quit basketball in 4th grade because I hated running up and down the court
  • I've been running since my freshman year of high school (minus 2-3 from a knee injury)
  • I got the nickname Goober at a young age from one of my uncles who thought I was, well, a Goober
  • Yellow is my absolute favorite color
  • I was born and raised in Maryland and am Maryland girl through and through. I can sit and pick blue crabs for hours on end!
  • We live in Virginia now and are enjoying living in a bigger town than the one we grew up in
  • My husband and I are high school sweethearts
  • I am a sucker for The Bachelor/Bachelorette 
  • Favorite actor is Ryan Gosling (typical girl, I know, but I can't help myself haha)
  • Nicholas Sparks and Jodi Picoult are 2 of my favorite authors
  • I love to compete in races
  • I'm a registered nurse
  • I have the best husband, family and friends I could ask for
  • I started strength training my freshman year of college
  • I love to travel/cruise any chance that I get (I've been to 4 countries and 24 states)
I ran my first half marathon at Walt Disney World Marathon weekend in January 2014. I was immediately hooked on long distance running and runDisney races!

13.1 x 7
26.2 x 1

My Half Marathon partner in crime: Emily 


  1. Just like you, I also ran the Disney World half as my first half marathon, and then ran home to look for more races! Its funny how addicting running races has become for more, especially since I used to despise the idea of running.

    1. I never thought I would enjoy running long distances, but now I look forward to my long runs! Having races to look forward to definitely pushes me during training.