Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Weekly Workouts July 7-13

This past week was quite a whirlwind. We drove to New York and back on back to back days which threw off my 4 mile run planned for Saturday. I try to have a no excuses attitude, but sometimes exhaustion takes over and you know running just isn't going to happen. No regrets here though. I got to spend time with my Uncle in NY who I hadn't seen in almost two years plus my brother in-law, his girlfriend and a bunch of others from my husband's family.

My runs this week were full of heat and humidity, which definitely affected my pace. My swim was rough as well. The cardio I get from swimming is unbelievable.

July 7

July 8
4.04 miles in 45 minutes

July 9
4.06 miles in 45 minutes

July 10

July 11
Travel day to NY
Some walking around the city

July 12
Travel day to MD
Some walking around the city

July 13
1/2 mile swim

Dinner with my Uncle in Manhattan

Cameron's Grandma

Week 2 of Goofy Challenge Training Finished!

That's all for now!

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  1. Great job this week! And I agree, traveling really makes it difficult to get past exhaustion to work out!