Friday, April 25, 2014

Tips for Preparing for an Afternoon Race

The last half marathon I ran started at 2 PM. I found this to be quite an unusual start time since all of my other races (5k's, 10k's and wdw half) started in the morning. There were a few things that I did the week before to prepare myself to run a race at that time of day.

  1. Acclimate Yourself to Running in the Afternoon- The week leading up to the race I did all of my training runs at 2 PM. I really think this helped my body to prepare to run at that time on race day.

  2. Hydration- This was one benefit to running an afternoon race. I had all morning to make sure I was well hydrated for the race. There is a fine line between being perfectly hydrated and being overly hydrated. My goal was to not have to stop and use the bathroom during the half (which was a success!)

  3. Practice Makes Perfect- By this point I know my go-to pre-race foods of choice. Timing is what is crucial for the afternoon race. Not only did I have to fuel about an hour and a half before the race, but I also needed to eat a small breakfast that morning. During my last two training runs before race day I pretended like it was race day with the timing of my meals and running. I had a bowl of cereal and banana for breakfast at 8:00. Then ate a greek yogurt at 10:30. Drank my pre-workout drink with a banana and 2 pieces of PB toast at 12:15. Practicing this made me feel more confident when it came to fueling on race day.

Have you ever run an afternoon race? Any good tips to share?

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  1. I would LOVE to run an afternoon race! I wouldn't even care if it was hot out. I just have a hard time getting my body moving in the mornings, especially when it's still a bit cold out!