Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekly Workouts March 24-30

Since I started taper mode this past week I began to cut back my mileage. My "6 miles easy" that was on the schedule turned out to not be easy and I didn't feel very well for most of that run. I worked Friday-Sunday and somehow had so much energy after my three shifts to go to the gym! It felt so good to have energy after work!!!! I think I'm going to keep a gym bag in my car so that if I'm feeling good after work I can go straight to the gym.
March 24
65 minutes treadmill, total: 5.71 miles
March 25
March 26
10 minutes bike, 5 minutes rowing, Back and Abs Strength Training (Ab Challenge)
March 27
6 miles at easy pace: 1 hour 6 min 12 sec (avg pace 11:02 min/mile)
March 28
March 29 
March 30
 10 minutes bike, Chest and Abs Strength Training, 15 minutes elliptical

Time for a little venting:

I'm less than a week away from race day and the closer I get the more nervous I become. I don't know where the nerves are coming from because I wasn't even close to this nervous for my first half marathon in January. I keep telling myself to trust in my training because I worked harder than ever to get to this point. It doesn't help that I ran my first half alongside 24,000 other people and this is a very small local race (as in 35 people ran it last year). These are the things that i'm most nervous about:

  • The Course: The elevation map below is daunting. It's uphill from mile 2-4.75ish. I have added more hills to my training this time around so hopefully that helps. It's also in the middle of nowhere and they've given no indication if the course will be closed to traffic or not. The roads are narrow and 2 cars can barely drive side by side, so I would hope so!
  • Hydration: There is no indication as to how many water stations there will be on the course. If I don't stay well hydrated while running my body hates me and the symptoms suck. Needless to say I'm just going to wear a hydration belt so I know that I'll have what I need. 
In the end I keep reminding myself that some things are out of my control and this:

That's all for now!

P.S. Happy Birthday to my Brother-in-law Tanner!!!


  1. It is perfectly naturally to still feel nervous before a race. I use to feel more nervous before I ran "smaller" races because I feared I would be the last one to cross the finish line! I never was though. Good luck to you! You'll do great!

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement! It's exactly what I needed today :)

  2. I agree- small races terrify me! I've come in last at two small races and trust me, it's not that bad! :-)

    Trust your training- you've got this! Good luck!

    1. Thanks for validating my feelings Sarah! I'm just going to focus on a time that's good for me whether that means I get last or not :)