Thursday, January 23, 2014

Weekly Workouts Jan 11-24

Since we've been back from Florida I surprised myself with how quickly I got back into my routine. I was back in the gym the day after we got back. My goal was to take a week off from running. As you can see below the treadmill called my name and I ended up running on Thursday, but made myself stop after a half mile.

This is the new format I'm going to use to track my workouts each week. 99% of the time when it says rest day it means I was at work. Since I work 12 hour shifts it is very hard to work out on those days. I've tried going to the gym before work and I've tried going after work. I've never had a good run after work. After being on my feet all day the last thing my body wants to do is run. I wake up at 5:15 to get ready for work on a day when I don't go to the gym. Getting up a 3:50 or 4 am to go run/workout wasn't fun either, but when my schedule doesn't work with my training I've done it.

Jan 11-17

Jan 11: WDW Half Marathon
Jan 12: Walked around Hollywood Studios and Downtown Disney
Jan 13: Walked around Epcot
Jan 14: Walked around Magic Kingdom
Jan 15: Rest Day/Travel home day
Jan 16: Bike 10 minutes, Row 5 minutes, Chest and back workout, Ran 0.5 miles
Jan 17: Bike 10 minutes, Row 5 minutes, Triceps and legs workout

Jan 18-24

Jan 18: Rest Day
Jan 19: Rest Day
Jan 20: 50 min on treadmill: 4.04 miles
Jan 21: Bike 10 min, Row 5 min, Shoulders, biceps and abs workout
Jan 22: 65 min on treadmill: 5.48 miles
Jan 23: Rest Day
Jan 24: Rest Day

That's all for now!

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