Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week 7 and Week 8

Week 7

Day 1

On Tuesday October 15th we ran outside. It wasn't a memorable run because I honestly can't remember anything about it. It must have been a good run because I logged it as felt  good on my Daily Mile account. 

    Total: 4.15 miles in 50:10

Day 2

On Thursday October 17th we ran outside before leaving for Charlottesville for a concert. This run felt good. Our pace felt good and we had beautiful weather.

  30 min: 2.56 miles

 We saw Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors on Thursday night at The Southern in Charlottesville. It was an amazing concert! They played over 20 songs including all of the songs off of their newest album Good Light. The Southern is such an intimate venue! To end the show the band came into the audience and sang Nothing But Trouble acoustically. It was awesome! Em and I sat on these benches so we ended up standing on them during this song so we had a bird's eye view :) If you haven't heard their music you should totally check them out!

On Friday we journeyed to Matthews, NC to visit our dear friend and college roommate Marti (or Marni as we like to call her). We were there until Monday and had such a great time. We packed a lot of activities into a short period of time. We ran twice while visiting her. 

We're coming Marn!!

Day 3

On Saturday October 19th Em and I ventured out into Matthews to do our 7 mile run. This was going to be our longest run to date so we were a little nervous about it. The temperature was perfect for running! This run felt so great!! We realized that after about the 2-2.5 mile mark we really get into a groove and can just cruise from there. This is really exciting because I never thought that that would be the case. I've never considered myself to be a distance runner, but am slowly transforming into one :) 

After doing some shopping at Lululemon (gasp!) Whole Foods, Gap and Dick's Sporting Goods. We were pooped, but pumped because we were about to see Ben Rector!!! We headed over to The Fillmore in Charlotte for the show. We had seen Ben Rector awhile back when he opened for Needtobreathe. We feel in love with his music. The concert was so good! He is such a great performer and knows exactly how to get an audience pumped up and involved. He played my favorite song The Beat, so my night was made. If you haven't heard his music, it is excellent. What are you waiting for?! Go check it out! 

After the show we headed to Amelies Bakery which is opened 24 hours a day. It was super cute and had so many tasty treats! We finally went to sleep around 1:30 am. What a day!

Sunday we planned on relaxing and going to Ikea. Em and I had never been to one and what an experience it was! It made me want to buy a house just to decorate it. I went in looking for maybe a coffee table or maybe 2 nightstands, but didn't have any real plans to buy anything. Em didn't have plans to buy anything either. Well, I quickly found a coffee table that was perfect and a great price. Em found a bed frame and some shelves that she couldn't live without. Marn got an adorable step stool and a shelving unit. Needless to say it BARELY fit in Marti's car, but we managed to jam it all in. The rest of the evening we made dinner, laid around, watched Modern Family and Em and Marn painted. 

Monday came upon us so quickly :( It was Marti's birthday though! We continued our college tradition by going to breakfast on her birthday, but first we all ran together. 

Week 8

Day 1-October 21st

There was a great little trail that we ran along in Matthews. It was hilly which made for a great workout. Overall, it felt great. Especially after the first 2 miles and of course that was at the end of our run. It was chilly when we first started, but by the end I took off my quarter zip because I was sweating to death. 

2.43 miles in 30 minutes
Total: 3.84 miles in 54 minutes

After breakfast we ventured back to Virginia. The drive seemed to take forever, but we made it home safely. Charlotte and Matthews are both great cities and we can't wait to visit Marni again!

Day 2- October 23rd

After my first shift back to work from having 8 days off, 5:15 am felt horrid! We were still recovering from late nights and traveling up and down the road. I decided that I would run after my shift and then go to work again the next day. My body had other plans. I got to the gym, set the treadmill for 50 minutes and slowly realized I was not going to be able to go for that long. I did my warm-up and started my 3:1 run/walk intervals. I was doing ok at first and things quickly went downhill. I looked like someone who had never run in their entire life. My form was awful and I was all over the treadmill as if I had no balance. I decided this was bad and I needed to only run 15 out of my 30 minutes that I was supposed to do. I didn't want an injury from tired legs and bad form.

Total: 2.47 in 35 minutes

Day 3- October 25th

Yesterday we completed our long run since this weekend is our weekend to work. It was a good run with just a few little injury scares. This was the first run in which we've had to really bundle up. My groin tightened up after about 1 1/2 miles. It was pretty bad pain. I decided just to stretch and keep on running. It ended up working itself out. At the same time Em's shins started to get really tight too. They also loosened up the further we ran. We are blaming this on the cold weather. We wore our amazing Lululemon Can't Stop Crops that we bought last weekend. Yes, I did say crops and yes they fit us as pants haha 

We decided that from now on when we run in the cold (which will be a lot) we need to do more of a warm-up.  Overall it felt good once we were truly warned up. 

4 miles in 49:54
Total: 5.65 miles in 1 hour 25 min 48 sec

We bought these cute headbands back in early September and haven't gotten to wear them until now. 

That's all for now! Sorry for such a lengthy post! 

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