Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Week 5

Day 1: Sept 30

Monday we ran outside. The weather outside was absolutely beautiful! During this run our pace was consistent, but a little slow. I ran in my running skirt for the first time outside. It is just so comfortable, light and almost feels like you have no pants on haha. 

   58 min total with warm-up and cool-down: 4 miles

Day 2: Oct 3

Thursday I had everything in my hands to go to the gym and after I walked out the door I turned around and came right back inside. It was so nice out I just couldn't go to the gym to run inside, I needed to run outside. I know there will be fewer and fewer days that I want to run outside as the race approaches. I totally need to take advantage of these days because soon it will be cold. For this run I decided to really push myself with my pace. 

   35 min: 3.65 miles (total 55 min- 4.6 miles)

Day 3: Oct 5

On Saturday Em and I signed up for a 10k because I found out that you have to submit proof of time if you think you'll finish in under 3 hours on race day at the WDW half. We were scheduled to run 6.5 miles based on our training plan. The race we ran was a superhero 5k/10k. The course was quite hilly and not my favorite course I've ever run. Part of it was through a neighborhood and there were multiple times that you ran into a cul de sac, ran around a cone and back out of the cul de sac. The other part of the course was on a road that didn't have any shoulder to it which I thought wasn't very safe for a race. The heat was ridiculous on Saturday and my shirt was cotton, but it was too awesome not to wear! Em and I got 1st and 2nd in our age group. 

   My finish time was 1 hour 6 min. 

We found these shirts with the capes attached at Wal-Mart for $10 (what a deal!)

That's all for now!

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