Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week 4, Day 3

Week four is now complete. We've officially been training for 26 days which is crazy to me because it has flown by! Yesterday I completed a 4 mile run in my hometown which is very rural. It makes for a great background and with no traffic I could be carefree on the run :) I was feeling really good yesterday and therefore ran much faster than I intended on running. I was also running without Em. Typically we are able to pace ourselves better when running together.

Standard warm-up
4 miles (3 min run, 1 min walk intervals): 43:08 minutes
Standard cool down

Here are some pictures from my run.

A few days ago rundisney revealed the medals for Marathon weekend 2014. 

That little beauty on the far right will be around my neck in 103 days!!

Today is a complete rest day for me (except for stretching). No work and no working out. I think my body deserves it. Back to the grind tomorrow with a 30 minute run and strength training. 

That's all for now!

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