Saturday, September 7, 2013

Week 1, day 3

Today we completed our first long run. We happened to be at the beach for a long weekend today and could not be having better weather! Today's run felt great! We were running at our goal race pace. It felt easy and as if I could run for a long time at that pace. This made me even more excited for race day. We only had to run 3 miles today. We've got quite a ways to go training wise to be ready for the race, but I'm excited to see our progress as each week passes.

Standard warm-up
3 miles (2:30 jog at 11-12:30 min/mile pace, walk 1 minute) this took 38:47 minutes 
Standard cool down 

Can't wait to enjoy the rest of our weekend at the beach and get to run here again Monday!! 

                 Post-run picture :) 

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