Thursday, September 12, 2013

Beach Workout

I am super behind on posting right now :/ Em and I had a long weekend at the beach and then I worked the two days after we got back. We had the best weather we could ask for and even got some color on our skin :) Saturday morning we took towels down to the beach and did a body weight workout that was a lot tougher than we expected.

It went as follows:

Jumping Jacks: 2 x 25
Mountain Climbers: 2 x 25

Push-ups: 2 x 10
Supermans: 2 x 12 with hold for 15 sec at the end of each set

Hip bridge thrust: 2 sets of 15 thrusts, 25 sec hold, 15 thrusts
Body weight dips with 1 leg in air: 2 x 12

Russian twists: 2 x 20
Side to side push-ups: 2 x 8

Plank: 2 x 45 sec
Side Plank Twist: 2 x 15

Push-up stand up (From standing position reach hands to ground and walk them out to a plank position, then do a push-up. Walk hands back to feet and stand up): 2 x 8

Here are some pictures. Thankfully the beach was pretty much empty except for a few people walking by.

 Em did some leg exercises, but I gave my legs a rest that day.

Great workout with the ocean in view and sand beneath our toes :) 

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