Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday's Strength Training Workout

This morning I got to enjoy working out in an empty gym for the first hour of my workout. It was awesome! I did a full body workout that went as follows...

I would complete one set of bent over rows, then one set of cable crossovers, then repeat that for another set. Then move on to the next two exercises in the same fashion. 

Warm-up: 1/2 mile walk on treadmill at a pace of 3.5-4 mph (8 min total)

Bent over rows with EZ bar: 2 sets x 15 reps- 20 lb
Cable Crossover: 2 x 15- 12.5 lb

Push-ups with feet on stability ball: 2 x 10
Straight arm pulldown: 2 x 15- 22.5 lb

Zottman Curls: 2 x 12- 12 lb
Body Weight dips with feet stacked: 2 x 14

Cable Curls: 2 x 12- 7.5 lb
Tricep pushdown with rope attachment: 2 x 15- 22.5 lb

Box Jumps- 23.5in high box: 2 x 12
Upright Row with dumbbell: 2 x 12- 20 lb

Body weight squats: 2 x 25
Shoulder press with dumbbells: 2 x 12- 10lb

Medicine ball twists: 1 x 20- 8 lb ball
Leg lifts: 1 x 20
Crossover ball crunches: 1 x 10
Ball crunches: 1 x 20

Cool down: Elliptical for 15 min
Full body stretching: 15 min

Post workout today I made a Strawberry Banana Protein Shake.
Here are the ingredients I used.

Add the following ingredients to your blender and blend until smooth: 
-8 oz milk 
-1 scoop of any Vanilla protein 
-1 banana
-2 heaping spoonfuls of plain Greek yogurt 
-10-15 small frozen or fresh strawberries 

I usually mix in frozen strawberries even if I have have fresh ones because it gives it a thicker consistency. If I don't have frozen strawberries I will add a few ice cubes to thicken it up. 

Here's the finished product. Yum!

I'm off to get some fresh produce from a local market and make a trip to a local running store. Check back tomorrow for another great recipe and workout. 

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