Thursday, August 22, 2013

H.I.I.T. Workout and a Quick and Healthy Dinner

This morning I completed one of my favorite workouts. H.I.I.T. stands for high intensity interval training. It's a quick workout, yet it leaves you feeling as though you've worked out for two hours by the time you finish! This particular H.I.I.T. workout is called the 4x4. I found it on Pinterest here. I modified mine from this particular version. Mine went as follows:

Warm-up: 0.75 mile on treadmill, walked for 3 min at 3.8 then jogged at 5.8 mph

Jump Rope- 40 sec
Front Kicks- 40 sec

25 sec rest

Burpees- 40 sec
Jumping Jacks- 40 sec

25 sec rest

10 pushups/10 dips
Alternating lunges- 40 sec

25 sec rest

Calf Raises- 40 sec
Frog Hops (forward and backward)- 40 sec

25 sec rest

Mountain Climbers- 40 sec
Squat jumps- 40 sec

25 sec rest

Plank- 40 sec
Bicycle crunches- 40 sec

25 sec rest

V-sit hold- 40 sec
reverse crunches- 40 sec

I repeated this twice through which took a little over 27 minutes.

Treadmill: 2 min walk. Jogged for 3 min, then walked for 1 minute and repeated this interval pattern for 24 minutes.

Full body stretch: 15 min

Tonight for dinner I made one of my husband's favorite meals. The Turkey Avocado Bowl. I got this recipe from Tenley Molzahn (past bachelor contestant!). This meal is so easy, super healthy and filling! Here's what you'll need:

1 lb lean ground turkey
Lettuce (we use a combo of romaine and spinach)
Plain Greek Yogurt

All you do is brown your turkey

Then place your greens in a bowl and top it with the turkey.

Mash up the avocado in a bowl and add it along with the Greek yogurt to your turkey and lettuce.

You might be thinking, "Greek yogurt? Why would I ever eat that with lettuce and ground turkey?!" Amazingly it tastes like sour cream! My husband and I substitute Greek yogurt for sour cream in almost every situation (baked potatoes, tacos, etc.).

We had to go without avocado tonight because the one we bought a few days ago was half rotten and half not ripe :/ I still can't figure out how that's even possible haha.

We had a side of corn on the cob and cantaloupe (I just love summertime and the fresh produce that comes with it!) I also made Pumpkin Protein Bars tonight, recipe to follow tomorrow.

That's all for now! Goodnight!

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