Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Goals

I can't believe 2014 has come and gone in what seems like the blink of an eye. It's that time of the year again to set goals for the upcoming year. I have a lot of PR based goal that I have my eyes set on.

1. Complete a Marathon/Goofy Challenge: Hopefully I will accomplish this goal on the 11th day of 2015 :) I have truly loved marathon training and am already considering a fall marathon (go ahead, call me crazy!).

2. Run a Sub-2 hour Half Marathon: I was only 50 seconds away from accomplishing this at my second half back in March. I know if I train hard enough this goal can be reached.

3. Beat my high school 3 mile PR (22:51) at a 5K race: I was 24 seconds off from this at the 2014 Turkey Trot.

4. Set a new 10K PR: I've only run one 10K in my running "career" and it was 1:06:02. A PR in this distance is definitely attainable.

5. Become a Certified Med-Surg RN (CMSRN): This looks great on a resume!

6. Blog more Consistently: I enjoy blogging, but I currently don't make time for it/prioritize it.

7. Run in at least 10 races: I'm already registered for 4 races so far this year so finding another 6 races I want to run shouldn't be hard at all :)

What goals do you have for 2015?

That's all for now!


  1. Great goals! Cant wait to see you at the meet up on Saturday!

  2. Sounds like these goals should be pretty attainable. Best of luck at WDW Marathon weekend!

  3. Great goals! So great meeting you yesterday and you're going to rock the Marathon today!!

    1. Thanks Juliana! It was really great meeting you as well. I love your blog!

  4. These are great goals for yourself - and since I'm late in reading this it looks like you already accomplished the first one! Looking forward to reading about your experience running Goofy!

    1. Thanks Danielle! I'm pretty excited about crossing that first one off the list!