Sunday, December 28, 2014

Double Weekly Workouts December 15-28

I'm officially in taper town!! It's hard to believe that I've completed 26 weeks of training and all of my long runs are behind me. I'm going to focus on rest, hydration and nutrition for my taper. I've got 5 training runs and 5 shifts at work standing between me and the Goofy Challenge.

Since I had to work on Christmas day this year my family and I celebrated the day before and the day after. Christmas day was actually pretty nuts at work, the ER was busy and the fact that it was Christmas didn't seem to stop people from coming into the hospital.

December 15

December 16

December 17
Unplanned Rest Day

December 18
4.12 miles in 45 minutes

December 19
10 x 800 meters- Total mileage 6.95 with warm-up and cool-down

December 20

December 21

December 22

December 23
4.2 miles in 45 minutes

December 24
Rest Day

December 25

December 26
Rest Day

December 27
18 miles in 2:59:08, avg pace 9:57!!

December 28
Recovery, Stretching and Foam Rolling

I had an amazing run during my 18 miler! Even though the course was hilly I kept a steady pace up. The weather was perfect, in the 50's, which is unheard of in December. I even got a little sun burn on my face :) The fact that I got to start tapering at the end of this run was so motivating. I kept reminding myself of how many miles I've run since July and that 18 more is nothing in comparison. 

I got some awesome running/travel related Christmas gifts including a new Lululemon Energy Bra, Under Armour shirt, Run Less, Run Faster book, Clif Shot, Disney Gift cards, Sparkly Soul headbands and a 3 piece luggage set. My In-laws also surprised us with signing over a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) contract to us, so Cam and I are now DVC members! I've already started reading Run Less, Run Faster and can't wait to make a training plan based on what's in this book.

26 weeks down, 2 weeks to go!! (I can't believe I'm saying that!)
Total Goofy Training Mileage: 417.62 miles

How was your Christmas? Who else is tapering for marathon weekend?

That's all for now!


  1. Best of luck for Goofy! I did it in 2013 and it was tough, but also awesome! :)

    1. Thank you! I'm excited and nervous all at once!