Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Running Goober Monthly Recap

So my last post was literally one month ago and I have no idea where the time went! We were without internet the entire week before we left for Wine and Dine so my planned costume reveal posts didn't get posted :( Training has been in full swing and the mileage continues to increase. It's hard to believe we're already finished 21 weeks of Goofy Challenge Training and only have 7 weeks left! I got to see the Marathon weekend medals in the flesh at the Wine and Dine Expo.

Can't wait to earn all 3 of these beauts!

I'm just going to recap the highlights of training from the past month. I've stuck with my two 45 minute runs each week and then a distance run.

November 1
8 miles in 1:31:25

November 2
17 miles in 3:30:43

November 8
Jingle Jungle 5K- Not timed
Wine and Dine Half Marathon: 2:42:59

November 15
7 miles in 1:19:43

The weather has been unusually cold for November. The temps were pretty brutal for our 8 miler and 17 miler. Speaking of weather, we had beautiful weather for the Jingle Jungle 5K on the morning of November 8th. Mother nature was not so kind at 10 pm that same night. It rained the entire race and was quite chilly. Recaps of those races will be coming soon. The weather was the only thing bad about Wine and Dine, it was truly an awesome race!!

Smiling faces after running 17 miles!

47 days until The Goofy Challenge
89 days until Glass Slipper Challenge

Total Goofy Challenge Training Mileage: 306.05 miles

That's all for now!

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