Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Goofy Challenge Training Plan

Well folks, Goofy training starts in 4 days for me! I've been running 2-3 days a week trying to get back into a training routine/mindset. I'm kind of excited to have a training plan to stick to again. I always feel like having a solid plan in writing forces me to complete what needs to be done each day.

I will be spending my weekends off from July-January running. Yes, that's 6.5 months!  The first 11 weeks are basically the same as my half marathon training that I've used. Once you hit week 12 out of 28 weeks you run/walk both Saturday and Sunday! I keep telling myself that there's only 6 weeks that we have to do the back to back training days (other than the race itself). 6 out of 28 weeks isn't that bad, right?!

I'm happy to know of at least 4 other bloggers who will also be running the Goofy Challenge. I'm hoping that we can be a source of encouragement for each other as we go through the ups and downs of this training cycle.
Eye on the prize!

Hopefully next year three of us can pose with Goofy and our medals!

Any other Goofy Challenge participants out there? Are you excited or nervous to start training?

That's all for now!


  1. We are both doing the Goofy Challenge. I'd like to know which training plan you are using. I should probably start looking into ~M

    1. So excited you guys are doing this too! We're using the Jeff Galloway plan that's on the runDisney website. We adjusted it to meet our needs and are going to use 4:1 run-walk intervals.