Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekly Workouts March 10-16

I had some pretty solid workouts this week. With three weeks to go until my next half I'm excited to start tapering next Sunday. This week I finished my last day of speed work and I only have one more long run left!

A lot of bloggers raced this weekend and after seeing their tweets/race recaps it makes me really excited to race again!

March 10- Work
March 11- Work
March 12- 45 minute run outside, 4.87 miles, average pace 9: min/mile
March 13- 10 minutes bike, 5 min rowing, Chest and Abs Strength Training
March 14- 8x800- increased speed from 9:23 min/mile to 8:34 min/mile. Total 6.58 miles in 1:17:20
March 15- Work
March 16- 65 minutes treadmill, 5.64 miles

Wore shorts two runs in a row outside this past week...and now the ground is covered in snow again :(

That's all for now!

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