Thursday, March 13, 2014

Weekly Workouts March 1-9

My workouts this week started out a little rough, but the last three of the week were much better. The route I created for my long run was quite hilly on purpose. My race that's coming up in just 3 weeks is a hilly course so I want to feel well prepared. I definitely used some muscles that I haven't used in awhile and could feel it immediately afterwards. Amazingly, I wasn't sore on Sunday when I woke up so I must have stretched/cooled down pretty well.

The weather during my long run was perfect! I started in shorts and a 1/4 zip. Halfway through when I stopped to use the bathroom and refill my water bottle at the gym I took my 1/4 zip off and ran in shorts and a t-shirt.

March 1- Work
March 2-Work
March 3- 50 minutes treadmill, 3.98 miles
March 4- 5 minutes rowing, Shoulder, Biceps, Triceps and Abs strength training
March 5- 65 min treadmill, 5.78 miles
March 6- Work
March 7- Work
March 8- 12.5 miles in 2:02:19, average pace 9:47 min/mile
March 9- 10 minutes bike, 5 minutes rowing, Back and Abs strength training

Did you have any good workouts this week?

That's all for now!

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