Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Inspiration 101

Yesterday I did a post about finding motivation when it seems it can't be found. At the gym today an older lady got on the treadmill beside me and began her walk. She was wearing oxygen with a portable tank. She checked her oxygen saturation pretty frequently and increased her speed as she could tolerate it.

As I completed my run using her as inspiration I began to think about how awesome she was for putting forth the effort to strengthen herself. After I finished my run and stretching session she asked me if I was training for a marathon. I proceeded to tell her that I was running a half marathon in April.

She told me that she wished she could move faster on the treadmill, but that she has come a long way since her heart attack a year and a half ago. I proceeded to listen to her story of being intubated for over a week after her heart attack, being discharged to an inpatient rehab center because she was so weak and how she then completed cardiopulmonary rehab at the hospital on an outpatient basis for several months. She now works with a personal trainer at the gym. Prior to heart attack she was able to take care of herself 100%. She is back to that again, but it took her quite a while to get back to that.

I was an awe of her story! She is a TRUE inspiration. She has worked so hard to get to this point! So many of us take for granted the ability to simply walk without the use of extra oxygen.

That is just one reason that I run...I run for those who can't. I run because I have been blessed with the ability to do so.

Take this woman's story and think about what is holding you back from achieving your goals. Is it simply making time to work towards them? Lifestyle changes? Mental or physical pain? What excuses do you make?

Sometimes having several small goals leading to the ultimate goal helps to show yourself the forward progress that you are making :)

I love these no excuses photos

That's all for now!

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