Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Weekly Workouts January 25-February 1

Since I've gotten back into training for my next half marathon I haven't pressured myself to run three times each week. My timed training runs now take 65 minutes (including warm-up and cool down). During these workouts I'm running at a faster pace which means more mileage. Therefore, I get a good workout in and feel I don't need to run as frequently. Here's how my workouts went down this past week.

January 25: 8 miles in 1:20:55, average pace 10:07 min/mile
January 26: Back and Abs Strength Training
January 27: Rest Day
January 28: Rest Day
January 29: Rest Day
January 30: 65 minutes on treadmill 5.61 miles
January 31: Chest, Triceps and Abs Strength Training
February 1: 4 miles in 34:49, average pace 8:42 min/mile

That's all for now!

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