Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Walt Disney World Half Marathon Outifits!

When we started throwing around ideas about who to dress up as for the race we really struggled. We couldn't think of two female characters that were friends! When watching the Little Mermaid we thought we could be Sebastian and Flounder. Then Em decided that she didn't want to have to wear all red so she decided to be Ariel.

This is my precious husband pinning my stripes onto my back. I never knew just how creative he was until today. He designed the shape of the stripes on the back of my shirt and determined their placement.

My Flounder costume! Left is the front and right is the back. 
Shirt: Champion Tech Tee from Target 

Em's Ariel costume!
Shirt: Under Armour V-neck

Cameron also made these Mickey head signs out of poster board today. Travis (Em's brother) and Cam are going to write on these and hold them up during the race. 

Tomorrow I'll complete my last training run before race day. It's almost bittersweet. I'm so excited to put all of my hard work to the test Saturday morning. 

We are all unbelievably excited to leave for Florida Thursday morning especially with all of this brutal cold weather we're having lately. T-minus 3 days until race morning! :)

That's all for now!


  1. Isn't Cam the best? Wish I could go with you guys!

    1. He is! I wish you could come with us too! :/