Sunday, December 15, 2013

Week 15

Here are some fun facts about our training so far:

  • We have run in 6 states (VA, MD, WV, PA, NC, and NJ)
  • We've run an average of 14.33 miles/week since starting training the first week of September
  • I would rather run outside than on the treadmill any day!
  • We've run in the heat, temps below freezing, rain and snow
  • Salted Caramel GU is my favorite fuel to use during long runs
  • We've already decided on at least two more half marathons we want to run this year (we're nuts!)

Day 1- Dec 9

I ran on the treadmill and it ended up being a pretty good run. I ran negative splits during this run which was something I haven't intentionally tried to do during training. Em and I had talked about how it would be better for us to start at a slower pace and then pick it up as we are feeling up to it during the race. 

Total: 4.04 in 50 minutes

Day 2- Dec 11

This day's run went pretty well. I was nervous before I left the house because my phone said it was only 26 degrees out. Once I got outside it wasn't bad at all because there was no wind. I was home visiting family so I ran in the neighborhood I grew up in. Wow, was it a boring run! There aren't too many roads to run on and I felt like I was running in circles haha. The scenery on the other hand was beautiful! We had gotten about a total of 6 inches of snow over the previous 2 days. The trees were covered in a perfect white coat of snow.

Total: 4.75 in 56 minutes
30 minutes: 3.08 miles

Day 3- Dec 14

Yesterday's run was an experience to say the least. The forecast had said snow showers were supposed to start a few hours before sunrise. We set our alarms for 7 am, got ready and hit the road. The. Snow. Covered. Road (see below). It was snowing when we started running and stopped around mile 7. 

We were really nervous and treaded cautiously throughout our run. There were quite a few sidewalks that weren't shoveled so that meant we had to run on the road against traffic. Our feet were soaked really quickly because when we ran on the road it was covered in slush. We saw 6 other runners during our run! I told Em, "See we aren't the only crazy ones around here!"

We were fine for the first 12 miles and then things started to fall apart. We were over running in these conditions and tried our hardest to just suck it up and stay positive. Well, easier said than done. I started getting hungry and lightheaded. We were running on the shoulder of a two lane road with minimal traffic. Most cars got over to the far lane, but a few decided not to be so polite. We had to stop running and step up onto the snow bank once or twice. Then another car drove by and there was nowhere for us to step but in a puddle. That was just the cherry on top! So we were both running with one wet foot and one foot soaked to the bone! Luckily we only had about a half mile left plus cool down. We finished strong and were happy to go inside to thaw out.

We stretched out really well. By the time I had started to warm-up it was time to jump into the ice bath. The only thing that was sore this morning when I woke up was the inside of my left foot. It's really reddened and I think it's the beginning of a blister from running in wet socks :(

Looking at our time at the end we were surprised it didn't take us longer. Our half mile split times were pretty slow and we just felt like we weren't running our normal pace because of being so cautious. Technically we probably ran the pace we should be running on the long runs because Jeff Galloway recommends running no faster than 3 minutes slower than your race pace. He also says it's all about the mileage not the speed. 

12.5 miles: 2:36:38
Total: 13.95 miles in 3:01:56

We were bundled in our rain coats and hats

26 days until race day!
That's all for now!

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