Friday, December 6, 2013

Week 14

This week our work schedules are not working with our training schedule. We decided that we would just run twice this week and we'd be totally ok with missing a 30 minute run.

Day 1- Dec 5

The weather for this run was amazing! I would have never guessed that we would get to run in 60 degree weather in December. I'm starting to not like doing the short runs because as soon as I start feeling good and getting into the run, it's over. This kinda leaves a bad taste in my mouth for when I think about the next short run. They must be done to keep my endurance up so i'll just carry on and keep on keeping on.

30 minutes: 2.79
Total: 4.33 in 58 minutes

Day 2- Dec 6

Today we ran outside and we hit a sweet spot in the day when it wasn't raining for our first 3 miles. The lesson we learned today was the importance of rain gear. We were totally prepared with rain coats and baseball hats. We were pleasantly surprised that when it did start to pour down rain we could barely tell because our hats kept the rain off of our faces completely.

We ran our "magic mile" on the track. Amazingly, I took time off of my mile time from 2 weeks ago. The course we ran after our timed mile was really hilly during the first 2 1/2 miles. When we hit mile 3 is when we started to feel good and as soon as that started our run was pretty much done.

We got home, started to warm back up and stretch and then we took ice baths. The rest of our night was spent relaxing since we have to work this weekend :/

4 miles: 48 minutes
Magic Mile: 7:17
The rain today was really discouraging...

That's all for now!

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