Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Weekly Workouts January 26- February 8

Lately I've had some pretty great workouts. I've really been enjoying adding speed work into the mix to change things up a bit. Recently I made a goal for myself to go to the gym one day a week before work so that I can work out a total of 5 days a week. Yes, this means waking up at 4 am prior to working a 12 hour shift, but it also means that I can keep strength training and running as much as I want. I've stuck to it two weeks in a row and I plan on going this Thursday too.

This past weekend Em and I did our last long run prior to Princess Half Marathon Weekend in Disney. Our 5 miler on Saturday felt really good. Sunday I learned a really tough lesson in under fueling for a long run. I only ate a PB&J and had a cup of coffee prior to running. I also didn't hydrate well after my run on Saturday. I felt pretty good for the first few miles and then I started getting super hungry and tired. My fuel I brought wasn't cutting it and all I could focus on was finishing so that I could eat. Needless to say my last 4 miles were my fastest and I got very dizzy during my last mile (scary stuff!). I got back to my apartment as quickly as I could and drank Gatorade and ate pancakes and mac and cheese (ridiculous combo, I know). Lesson learned, I will never do that again!!

January 26

January 27
3.1 miles in 30 minutes
 Shoulder, Biceps, Triceps and Abs

January 28
20 minutes bike, 5 minutes rowing, Chest and Back

January 29
6 x 800 meters at 7:30-7:45 min/mile pace w/ 2 min recovery
walk between intervals

January 30

January 31
1.25 miles in 14 minutes
 Shoulder, Biceps, Triceps and Thighs

February 1

February 2
Unplanned Rest Day

February 3
3.1 miles in 29:45
Biceps, Triceps, Shoulder and Abs

February 4
20 minutes bike, 5 minutes rowing
Chest and Back

February 5
6 x 800 meters @ 7:42 pace with 2 min recovery walk in between
Total: 4.24 miles in 44 minutes

February 6

February 7
5 miles in 54:25

February 8
12 miles in 2:14:29

(Ignore grammar mistakes lol) Source

We've got just a few more short runs before we take on the Glass Slipper Challenge next weekend. 

2015 mileage: 109.6 miles

That's all for now!

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  1. You are so dedicated to get up at 4 am to workout! You are going to do awesome at GSC next week!